When Cold Weather Comes, Here’s One Way to Help Outdoor Dogs

We’ve all witnessed dogs left to the elements during the cold winter months. You can allow frustration, anger, and a sense of helplessness to drag you down. Or, you can do something positive.

The topic of outdoor dogs is a thorny one to be sure. Families struggle with a variety of issues from allergies to ignorance, and you’re never going to convince every last dog owner to see things your way. But, that doesn’t mean groups like Fences For Fido aren’t making a difference.


This Oregon nonprofit caters to dogs chained outdoors by providing much-needed fencing, insulated dog houses, and free spay/neutering services. 

So what’s one way you can help dogs left out in the cold? Find an organization like this one in your area and volunteer! A little bit of your time can go a long way toward keeping dogs warm this winter.


And if you like what you see in Fences For Fido’s video, (watch for the 1:44 mark where the unchained dogs perform an amazing amount of joyous zoomies), please consider making a donation to their cause today.

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