Engine 44 Of West Sacramento Becomes Dog’s Guardian Angels!

Nothing could have prepared me for a video like this one! A German Shepherd, stuck beneath a fence in a very scary and awkward way, was saved in the nick of time thanks to his guardian angels. Engine 44 of the West Sacramento Fire Department came to an urgent call from this pup’s human.

With their invisible superhero capes and strong bolt cutters, the amazing rescuers acted swiftly to free the dog. His human helped as well. Can you imagine how scary this must have been for the pup and the team of rescuers? WOW. But they remained calm and focused. The German Shepherd was freed and totally uninjured. Probably a bit shaken up though.

It is unclear how the dog’s head got there in the first place but I am sure his human will take precautions so this never happens again!

Let’s give Engine 44 a big shout out… YAY FIREFIGHTERS! WE LOVE YOU!

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