Feisty Cat Refuses To Allow Mail Carrier To Deliver Mail

Cats have a way of making us smile, even when they are misbehaving.

A feisty feline in Wisconsin is going viral for refusing to allow the mail carrier to deliver the mail.

The carrier was captured on video approaching the home with mail in hand and and about to enter it into the mail slot when a cat’s paw swipes at her.

Screenshot: YouTube/ViralHog

And so the battle begins…

The face of the cat is briefly seen through the mail slot as it bats at the mail.

The tenacious feline continues to guard the mail slot, while the persistent carrier continues to try and deliver the mail.

Screenshot: YouTube/ViralHog

She dodges the swatting paws and cannot help but laugh at the cat’s antics.

When the cat realizes one paw is not doing the job, it uses both paws to protect the mail slot.

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Apparently, dogs are not the only pets who like to torment postal workers.

Screenshot: YouTube/ViralHog

But this mail carrier was a good sport and said she looks forward to seeing the cat.

“I work as a mail carrier and every time I go to this specific house, the sweetest cat is always waiting for me to reject all the mail I try to slide through the mail slot,” she told Viral Hog. “Makes my days 100 times better!”

While the video never revealed who won, I think we can all guess who the winner was.

Just think how boring our lives would be without cats. If you are looking for a best friend that will keep you on your toes and laughing, head to your local shelter and adopt.

Viral hog posted the hilarious video clip on YouTube for all to enjoy. Check it out!

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