People With A Fear Of Dogs Get “Attacked” By Pit Bull Puppies

Pit Bulls too often get a bad rap. We believe that each dog is an individual and that you can’t assume they are all bad just because some have exhibited bad behavior. Then it would make sense to say ALL people are bad, right? It’s important to consider everything before jumping to judgement. Especially as many cities continue to ban Pit Bulls, as animal lovers, we need to work hard at getting rid of this stigma.

A group of people in Australia that are fearful of dogs were blindfolded and then “confronted” by a hoard of Pit Bull puppies. Their reactions are priceless! If being licked to death is scary, then I get it. Or maybe it’s their excessive cuteness that’s hazardous to one’s health. I don’t know. But I think it’s safe to say that these people are no longer afraid of these terrifying puppies. Score!

Are you owned by a Pit Bull? What has been your experience? Please share your story with us and don’t forget to tag your friends!

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