Tiny Fawn Was Drowning In A Lake Until Something Amazing Happens!

While going for a boat ride on Lake Buchanan in Texas, a man spotted something in the water, struggling to swim. He was not at all prepared for a tiny fawn fighting for her life. WOW. The man didn’t hesitate one bit, he jumped into the lake and rescued the fawn. His friend caught it all on camera and we get to see it too!

Don’t wildlife rescues give you the chills? This baby would’ve never made it. Seeing her safe and sound in her rescuer’s arms is the best!

Here at Greater Good and The Animal Rescue Site, we have TONS of amazing programs that can help deserving animals. Here is one that’s really cool! You can help to raise a baby orphan moose. Tragically, moose mamas lose their lives everyday due to natural disasters and car accidents. The Northern Lights Wildlife Society in British Columbia takes in injured and orphaned wildlife. Their goal is to help the animal’s injuries and care for them as needed and then release them back into the wild (where they belong!). That’s why this program is sooooo perfect!

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