A Fawn And A Pigeon Become The Best Of Friends

This story must be a fairy tale! It sure has the makings of one! Meet Faline, an adorable baby deer who happens to be an orphan. It seems that when one door closes, another one opens. Faline did lose her mom but she gained an inseparable best friend who happens to be a pigeon. It’s odd to see, sure, but it is also extremely sweet. Look! Faline still has her spots. What a cutie!

Do you like animal couples like this one? I do too. Love stories just make me so darn happy. Imagine if two ex-fighting dogs could find love. After being through so much pain and so much ugliness, they can still find so much beauty and happiness. Crazy, right? Well, it happened with Maggy and Vito! I can just cry when I see this video! Knowing that the most deserving dogs have found happiness in one another is like the best reward EVER! Watch this!

To see Faline and her birdie best friend, watch below 🙂

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