‘Faux’ Fur Products May Often Be Real – Can You Tell The Difference?

Winter is upon us and that means coats, hats, gloves, and boots. Before you jump out there spending gift cards and Christmas cash on a new winter wardrobe, make sure you know WHAT you’re buying.


“Faux” fur has been around for a very long time. At first it was a cheaper, fashionable alternative to real fur. Now, it is not just cheaper alternative, but a moral one for those that can’t support real fur. While it is wonderful in theory, it turns out not all fur is what you think. In fact, a Rossen Report found that many, if not most, of the “faux” fur products included real fur from rabbits, coyote, raccoon, dogs, and more. It is vital that, if you decide to buy fur for yourself or someone else, that you know how to tell the difference.


There are numerous ways in which to distinguish between real and fake fur. From visible threading to the flat ends of fake fur, it is actually possible to tell before you buy. There is also the burn test, although make sure you purchase the coat first, and be extremely careful.


There is certainly an ethical debate about faux fur, but it is so prevalent that it is tough to avoid. So make sure you are doing everything you can to prevent further exploitation and duplicity by clothing manufacturers when you head out to buy your winter apparel!

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