Faux-Fur Is Actually Real Fur

More and more fashion designers are eliminating animal fur from their lines. They are finally realizing that murdering millions of animals a year will never be in style. With the change comes a focus on “faux fur” products, that are supposedly made from synthetic materials. However, some brands are using the term “faux fur” but continuing to use real animal fur.

No one likes being lied to. Some fashion brands are mislabeling their products so consumers will believe that the product does not contain animal fur. Kohl’s, Amazon UK, and Neiman Marcus all have been found guilty of marketing real fur as faux. The fur trade business is a lucrative business that some people will do whatever they must to make sure it continues. However, we as consumers can stop it by making sure we purchase items and brands that we know are animal fur free.


Some brands find that using real animal fur is cheaper than using the synthetic materials. China is the biggest exporter of fur in the world, so be sure to check the label. When in doubt, do not purchase. “All fur is the result of immense suffering, whatever the species, whatever the animal’s origin or the amount of fur on the item. There are plenty of more efficient and humane ways to stay warm and fashionable this winter.”

Photo:Facebook/Fight Dog Meat
Photo:Facebook/Fight Dog Meat

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ACTAsia, animal advocacy group, states that it is not uncommon for faux fur products to be made from the skin of a cat or dog. “Although it’s illegal to trade in fur from cats or dogs in the USA, Australia, and the EU, deliberate mislabeling means domestic animals from China end up as fur clothing, trim, pom-poms and accessories on high streets all over the world.” This disturbing news should make you thing twice about purchasing something labeled as faux fur.


Fur is out of style and it will not be making a comeback. Stand up for animals and refuse to take part in the brutal and senseless fur trade. When possible, avoid faux fur products to ensure that no animal is being murdered for fashion.

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