This Puppy’s Survival, Against All Odds, Is A Miracle

In Gambia, a permit to trap street dogs was issued, known as Set Settal (national cleaning day). During these designated hours, no traffic is allowed on the roads and all businesses are closed.

Rescuers searched the streets of Banjul (the capitol) for dogs needing help and came across a mama dog. They were able to trap her but then had to go looking for her puppies. Sadly, eight puppies didn’t make it, dying from the harsh conditions and parasites. But a single puppy DID SURVIVE! He was able to take advantage of all his mama’s milk supply, making him one fat puppy! So that is what his rescuers named him!

Get ready to meet a true little puppy miracle that could truly inspire anyone! A close up of Fat Puppy drinking water is, paws down, the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! This video is truly amazing and so are all the rescuers that do this, without thanks, in harsh conditions.

This little survivor has won my heart forever! And so have all the people that made his survival possible! Especially his mama!

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