Farmer Feeds Hungry Wild Birds With Half An Acre Of Dedicated Land

Most farmers would do what they could to limit the number of birds that visit their farm. Although it is true that birds do have some benefit, they also tend to eat a lot of the crops as well.

In Coimbatore, India, a farmer has decided to flip the script and welcome birds to his farm. Muthu Murugan loves wildlife and the environment. Over the past few years, he has not turned a blind eye to the effect that climate change has had on the area, including the shortage of water. Farmers have been severely impacted but wildlife has also seen problems from it.

Murugan has had a love of birds for years and he has planted extra seeds on the borders of his land to help feed them. At 62 years of age, he has now come up with a way to help the birds further. Half an acre of land has been dedicated to growing sorghum and pearl millets. In other words, he is growing bird food.

There are many birds that have taken advantage of his act of generosity. Some of those birds are even facing extinction! “Birds (such as Scaly Breasted Munias and White Rumped Munias), peacocks and parakeets are frequent visitors to the farm,” Murugan says according to My Modern Met. “It is such a visual treat. During the crisis, we are so busy looking after the humans that we often forget about birds and animals. I am glad I could do my bit.”

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Murugan is sure that other farmers will do what they can to help as well. He is taking the lead in setting aside a portion of his land to help wild birds. It may also have the benefit of stopping raids to other areas of the farm.

He wants to do more than preserve natural history, he is interested in cohabitating with the birds. “This is our opportunity to save several species from extinction,” he explains to Hindustan Times. “It is unfortunate that things have changed so much in our country. Many farmers hire youngsters to keep away these birds. Farmers today only think about making money.”

He also says that the farmers would benefit when they take care of the environment and the creatures that inhabit it. He also feels that the government should take responsibility for the health of animals and birds.

Thanks to the area of pearl millets, a unique spot for a photoshoot has developed. Hundreds of parrots, sparrows, and other birds go there on a daily basis. Murugan admits that he loves being in the area with birds that have come from far away to eat the food he has provided. When you stop to think about it, we take a lot from nature so it is our privilege to give something back.

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