Rescued Turkeys Are Treated To A Thanksgiving Meal Instead Of Being The Main Course

Farm Sanctuary, one of the nation’s largest animal sanctuaries, has rescued thousands of farm animals and views animals as friends not food. They encourage people to ditch the turkey on Thanksgiving and instead honor turkeys by sponsoring or partaking in their annual compassionate feast.

Every year, the sanctuary hosts a feast where the turkeys are the guests, not the meal. Tables are set with tablecloths, pumpkins and delicious food. People gather around the turkey barn to help feed and observe the turkeys devour pumpkin pies, cranberry salads, and squash.

Photos: Facebook/Farm Sanctuary

The photos of last year’s feast are amazing and shows people interacting with the flock of turkeys. “Guests offer delicious food TO the turkeys!”

Photos: Facebook/Farm Sanctuary

The feast spoils the rescued turkeys and allows people to see how intelligent and social they are. The guests of honor at this year’s feast will be Hank Williams “The Legend”, Anna “The Goofball”, Elsa “The Wallflower”, Marnie “The Alpha, and Pamela “The Lover”.

All of the turkeys were rescued from factory farms or found in poor condition as a stray. Hank now loves to strut his stuff and make new friends. Despite Anna’s harsh past life, she is playful and friendly. Elsa is shy but thankful to be around other rescued turkeys.

Photos: Facebook/Farm Sanctuary

The sanctuary describes Marnie as, “the boss of the barn, and is quick to charge or give a quick nip whenever she’s displeased. This sassy girl loves to put us in our place!” Last but not least is Pamela who loves people and cuddling.

Photos: Facebook/Farm Sanctuary

“Each year 46 million turkeys are cruelly raised and slaughtered for Thanksgiving. The majority of these birds are raised on factory farms, linked to air and water pollution, soil erosion, ocean degradation, and wildlife devastation — hurting us and our planet. That’s bad news for future generations; not a tradition anyone would want to pass down,” posted the sanctuary.

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Photo: Facebook/Farm Sanctuary

If you have opted not to eat turkey this Thanksgiving you can still have one on your table, a picture that is, of one you sponsored. Farm Sanctuary has many rescued turkeys that you can sponsor.

Photo: Facebook/Farm Sanctuary

In case you need help choosing which to sponsor, the sanctuary created a quiz to help you find your ‘turkey soulmate’.

Photo: Facebook/Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary’s goal is to end cruelty to farm animals through rescue, education, and advocacy efforts. In the words of Mr. Rogers, “I don’t want to eat anything that has a mother.” Consider breaking the tradition of having turkey on Thanksgiving.

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