Best. Childhood. Ever! See How These Animal Lovin’ Kids Are Growing Up

As a kid, I loved to play outside. Playing hopscotch, jumping rope, riding my bike– I thought I had fun. BUT nothing compares to what these little girls get to do everyday! They are growing up on a farm animal sanctuary and it’s pretty darn amazing!


They help their parents and volunteers give the animals the love they need. Imagine how much compassion they will grow up to have! Immeasurable!


Helping animals is probably the best feeling on the planet. So many of us wish we could do more but don’t have room to take in more animals or the time to volunteer. So… this is the next best thing. And you don’t have to have deep pockets to participate. Check out our Gifts That Give More page. There are so many great programs to choose from and many start as low as $1! What’s better than helping animals for less than the price of a coffee? NOTHING!

Help Rescue Animals

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