Heartbroken 12-Year-Old Dog Surrendered To Shelter Cries Out For His Family

Meet Teddy.

For the past 12 years he has loved his family unconditionally and been their faithful and loyal companion. He was always there when they needed a shoulder to cry on and did his best to make them smile.

All he wanted in return was to remain by their side until his last day.

However, his world was turned upside down when his family surrendered him to SPCA Suncoast in Florida because they claimed they were moving out of the country.

He would have gladly followed his family wherever they are going, but instead he was abandoned and left to wonder what he did wrong.

@friendsspca How can you do this and sleep at night?!?!Just heartbreaking, truly.💔. Well, moving right along….this amazing senior boy, Teddy, is available for adoption. Come on out tomorrow, Thursday, 12-4pm!!💞🐾 #NextLevelDish #fyp #fypシ #MyDolceMoment #florida #SeeHerGreatness #pascocounty #adoptdontshop #spca #dogs #dogsoftiktok #adoptaseniordog #adoptteddy❤️ #wheatonterrier ♬ original sound – Friends of SPCA Suncoast

A heartbreaking video of his first night in the shelter was shared on TikTok by @friendsspca with the caption, “How can you do this and sleep at night?!?!Just heartbreaking, truly.💔”

Devastated Teddy is seen howling in distress. Countless people took to the comments to say they would never abandon their pet and are heartbroken for Teddy. @lyzzleg wrote, “A dog is a lifetime commitment. I’m sorry your people failed you Teddy. You deserve better.”

Screenshot: TikTok/@friendsspca

The shelter has spoiled Teddy with a spa day and showered him with love and affection. They shared in another post that he is a Wheaton terrier who loves to snuggle and be with humans. He gets along with other dogs and cats, and is such a good boy.

His only requirement is a special diet to control his pancreatitis. Don’t let his age fool you, he still loves to play and is ready to find a loving family. Anyone interested in adopting the handsome senior can find out more here.

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