Family Calls Dog Warden And Reports Their Own Dog As A Stray

The holidays are supposed to be the “most wonderful time of the year”, but for an 11-month-old Belgian Malinois named Lulu it was the worst day ever.

Shropshire Canine, a UK dog walking service, features homeless dogs in Shropshire on their TikTok page (@shropshirek9) to help them find loving homes. A recent story that occurred over the holidays will break your heart.

On Christmas day, the local dog warden received a call about a stray dog. However, the dog was not a stray but was owned by the family who made the call.

The TikTok video was created from the dog’s point of view. It states, “My family called the dog warden about a stray dog they’d found…they denied that I belonged to them so they would take me away.”

@shropshirek9 Registered to the people that called her in as a stray, how can you watch the dog warden take your dog away on Christmas Day? #fyp #rescuedogs #adopt #dogsinneed #dogvideos #dog #shepherd #foryou ♬ Real Love (from the John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014) – Tom Odell

Thousands of people viewed the video and expressed their disappointment in the selfish act.

Belgian Malinois are intelligent and high energy dogs that require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. While several people commented that this breed is not for everyone, they all agreed that calling the dog warden is not the solution.

Shropshire Canine called the previous owners “cowards” for not properly surrendering Lulu if they could no longer care for her.

An owner of German shepherds wrote, “Just can’t believe someone would do this. This is hurting my heart 💔.” Shropshire Canine replied with, “It happens quite often, but it’s an extra jab to the heart on Xmas 🥺”.

Screenshot: TikTok/shropshirek9

On the bright side, numerous people voiced their interest in adopting the clever and beautiful pup. She is patiently waiting at Hilbrae Stray Kennels for a new family who will love her unconditionally.

Cheryl, founder of Shropshire Canine, spent her Christmas morning with the shelter dogs giving each one time out of their kennel and a special treat.

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