Top 10 Fall Safety Tips for Dog Owners

You may love autumn’s cool breeze, vivid colors, and ambiguously spiced drinks, but if you’re a pet owner, you should also take heed of the season’s dangers.

From wary wildlife looking for warmth and scouting spots for hibernation to common chemicals you may take for granted, fall activities can pose a problem to curious pets. Animals can feel cold just like humans, and overexposure to the elements can lead to serious illness or death, so always be prepared with a blanket and a route home if you’re playing outside. A few small steps can go a long way when it comes to the safety of your pet.

Unexpected illness and injury can sideline your plans, so if you want to Keep Fido healthy this fall, follow our helpful checklist and you’ll make the most of outdoor fun before the snow comes.

10. Lawn Tools

Once the yard work is done, put up those tools. Animals climbing around heavy machinery or other equipment can wind up severely injured or worse. Make sure your lawn and garden tools are safe and secure where your pets can’t reach them.


9. Chemicals

Like the lawn equipment, weed spray, pest killers, and all other dangerous chemicals should be kept out of your pets’ reach. When you are using potentially harmful products, pen your pooch up where it will be safe.

If your pet does come in contact with anything toxic, find the container it was stored in, contact your local veterinarian, and ask for further advice.

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