Ready for Fall? Not Without this List of Ten Enjoyable Activities for You and Your Dog

Fall might signal the end of summer, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of days left to enjoy the outdoors with your dog. From football fetch to pumpkin picking, there is no shortage of ways you and your pet can enjoy autumn.

We’ve come up with some ideas just as colorful as a New England arbor tour, and you don’t even have to drive that far to enjoy them. Here are ten of our favorite fall activities for you and your dog:

10. Pumpkin Patch

Many pumpkin farms allow people to bring their pets as they pick. If you’re looking for a plump pumpkin this fall, bring along your perky pup and make a fun day out of a visit to the patch!

9. Bobbing for Apples

If your dog isn’t into apples, tennis balls will do in a pinch. Dogs love a challenging game, and bobbing for toys in a small pool or bucket can provide inexpensive entertainment for hours!

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