Woman Pretends She’s On The Phone And Name-Drops All Her Dogs Favorite Things

If you’ve spent much time on TikTok, you probably remember the trend a while back where people would make a fake phone call and record their dog’s reaction.

The goal was to say words that your pup loves the most and name-drop his or her favorite things to see if they pick up on them. Many people have taken part in the challenge, but it seems it’s being revitalized thanks to a woman named Ciee.

Photo: TikTok/@cierraazhane

Ciee (TikTok user @cierraazhane) recently did her own version of the challenge where she pretended to have a phone call with her dog nearby.

In the video, you can hear her say words like, “walk,” “ride” and even “Chic-fil-A.”

Photo: TikTok/@cierraazhane

The dog perks his head up for each word, but when he hears, “maybe go to Petco and get some toys,” he loses it.

He jumps up and licks her face, and seemingly tries to knock her over! He was just too excited about a Petco trip, apparently.

Photo: TikTok/@cierraazhane

“That’s what he gets for being in my conversation,” she jokes in the caption.

Check out the video below:

@cierraazhane That’s what he gets for being in my conversation 🤣 #funny #viralvideo #comedy #viral #fyp #foryou #jokes #dog #prank #explore ♬ original sound – Ciee

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