Exploring the 5 Different Patterns of Tabby Cats

Cats are very unique animals, as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Tabby cats, in particular, are very popular in American households. Some people may believe this feline is a specific breed, but the name "tabby" only refers to the pattern of the coat.

Tabby is the most common cat coat pattern, according to Catster. Felines with this pattern have thin lines around their face and a "M" shape on their foreheads.

Here is a bit about the five different types of tabbies:

1. Classic – A classic tabby has wide swirling patterns around its sides. This type is often called a "blotched tabby" because the swirls look like smudges.

2. Ticked – Sometimes called a Abyssinian tabby, this patterned cat doesn't have the signature stripes on its body. However, the face markings distinguish this animal as a tabby.

3. Spotted – This tabby has spot-like markings all over its coat. Sometimes the spots are large, other times they are small.

4. Patched – The patched tabby often has red and brown patches around its coat and sometimes is referred to as a "tortie."

5. Mackerel – This type of tabby has thin parallel stripes running down its sides, which is how it got its "tiger cat" nickname.

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