Finding Love In Unexpected Places: Two Ex-Fighting Dogs Meet For The First Time And Sparks Fly

Love is all around us, we just need to look for it sometimes. In cases where love is what is needed most, it can truly do miraculous things. Take these two dogs for instance. All they were shown, as they were pitted against other dogs or used as bait to lure aggression, was that love was unattainable. The basic things a dog deserves most, a pat on the head, a hug around the neck, a soft spot to lie on, was cruelly out of reach for dogs like Vito and Maggy.

But then, something truly remarkable happens. A human, with only love in his heart, steps in. A human that is willing to give an ex-fighting dog a second chance at a normal doggy life. Thankfully, organizations like Detroit Bully Corps don’t give up on dogs like Maggy and Vito. They try to give these dogs, that were never treated fairly, a real shot at being happy.

When these two adorable second chance dogs meet, their bond is immediate. It’s almost like they know all about their shared scars and use that to celebrate their new found lives. Wait ’til you see how these two dogs celebrate a life that is ordinary, but extraordinary. Ugh…who is cutting onions in here?!

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