What Exercise Is Right For You And Your Pup? Find Out!

Exercise is important for both dogs and humans. Dogs can make excellent workout partners because they are eager, energetic, and always supportive. In fact, adopting a dog can have a positive impact on your overall health! There are a few things to consider when deciding what workouts to do with your furry friend.

So, what makes a good workout buddy?


Some things to keep in mind…

Height: Dogs with a good solid build, longer legs, and a high level of energy make great long distance walking and running partners, while dogs with shorter legs, like chihuahuas and dachshunds, are typically unable to handle a lengthy walk or run.

Agility: Dogs that are focused, agile, and motivated will be a good fit for almost any workout. Think Border Collie – endless energy, smart, and eager to please.

Energy Level: Make sure you are matching your dog’s energy level with the activity you have chosen. Low-energy breeds, like Great Danes and Basset Hounds, aren’t going to want to go on a 5 mile walk with you. Labrador retrievers and pit bulls, on the other hand, will typically match you step for step.

What to do?

  • Bike
    • Does your dog have crazy amounts of energy? Perhaps they are still raring to go when you are pooped after a workout? You may want to try a bike ride with your pup. Before you break out the bike, make sure you are doing it safely by reading this list.
  • Swim
    • Live on a lake or near a large body of water? Depending on the breed and temperament of your dog, they may love to join you for a dip! Keep in mind that certain breeds, like bulldogs, dashunds, and boxers, find swimming difficult and it may not be safe to include them in activity. Keep your water loving pup safe and secure while swimming with this adorable life jacket.


  • Run
    • Dogs make excellent running partners. Which dog is best for your run depends on what type of running you are doing on a daily basis. We will cover more on running styles on the next page.
  • Walk
    • A daily walk is beneficial for both you and your pup. You get some exercise, get outside, and have the chance to explore your neighborhood. Get some walking tips here and get out there with your furry walking buddy!

Check out this interesting walking style…

Find more creative ways to exercise with your pet here!

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