Dog Can’t Contain His Excitement When He Realizes Where His Human Is Taking Him

Animals can’t talk, but if they could, they probably wouldn’t ask for much; it doesn’t take much to make them happy. Just hearing simple words like “walk” and “car” can make them go absolutely ballistic. I know whenever I start saying the sentence “Do you want to…” to my dog, he jumps right up, and starts wagging his tail and barking at me until I get his leash out. Just because they can’t talk, doesn’t mean they don’t understand us! Especially if we are talking about one of their favorite things.

That’s exactly how this adorable pup feels. He’s in the car with his human on the way to his favorite place ever: the park. He can’t contain his excitement and cannot even sit still. The closer they get to the park, the more excited he gets. His patience is withering away and he makes the cutest sounds. This must be a routine that follow often, because this dog understands exactly where they’re going before they even get there. People underestimate a dog’s intelligence!

It makes me so happy to see this dog so happy. I wish I could’ve seen his reaction once they got out of the car. But we can just imagine what he’s like at the park!

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