“Every Dog Day” Celebrates All Breeds

Every dog has the ability to be a good dog if raised and treated right. Sadly, however, many people still have stereotyped views of certain dog breeds. They believe that Dobermans, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, pit bulls, and other breeds of dogs are naturally aggressive and therefore not good options for pets.

This unfair generalization leaves countless dogs wasting away at shelters, unable to get adopted and in serious danger, in some cases, of being euthanized. Their breed is not their fault, but they’ll be punished for it anyway.

Luckily, there are people in the world who are trying to change breed stereotyping and breed discrimination, and you can be one of them.

The online pet adoption community Get Your Pet is making a difference in this matter by designating November 15th as their official “Every Dog Day” to remind people that every dog is deserving of love, despite their breed.

Organization founder Angela Marcus explains how Every Dog Day is different from other awareness events people have created for specific breeds:

“With all good intentions, people in the animal welfare field have created “Awareness Days” to try to encourage the dog-adopting population to open their hearts and minds to certain breeds of dogs — notably pitbull-type dogs, for example. But, we’re concerned that these days inadvertently reinforce the idea that these types of dogs are meaningfully different from other types and need to be defended.”

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So Get Your Pet decided their awareness event moving forward needed to be something a little bit more all-inclusive, something that didn’t remind people of the specific types of dogs that might be discriminated against, but rather reminded them of the things all dogs have in common. Its goal is to celebrate ALL dogs, no matter their breeds!

“Every Dog Day is about pushing back against that impression and celebrating the truth that every type of dog is equally capable of loving us and equally deserving of our love and care – regardless of breed,” adds Marcus.

Hopefully, the idea behind Every Dog Day will spill over into the everyday lives of those who celebrate it and result in more kindness to animals and greater openness to inviting them into our homes and our families!

Get Your Pet is having a photo contest for the event, which is sure to be tons of fun. Contestants have submitted photographs of their pets along with a little blurb about why they’re the best dog, regardless of breed. It’s too late to submit a photo of your pet this year, but keep it in mind for next year! For now, check out the video below to learn more about the contest and how to vote:

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