Half Of The Country’s 6 Million Shelter Animals May Be Euthanized This Year. Here’s What You Can Do To Change That

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6. Volunteer to Find Forever Families

The sooner animals can find their way into a forever home, the sooner a shelter will have the space and resources to help others. If you can match up local shelter animals with potential pet parents who could use a new furry friend, you’ve arguably saved multiple lives in the process.

The more advocates these vulnerable animals have on their side, the better off everyone is.

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5. Foster a shelter pet

Foster pet parents are about as close as the world may ever come to seeing actual angels. They understand the connection that forms when caring for animals at home, day in and out, and they understand that some day, those animals will be adopted out into a forever family. They take on the job nevertheless.

It’s not for everyone, but if you truly care about keeping strays off the streets, euthanasia rates down, and you have enough time, resources, and space, it may be the job for you.

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4. Volunteer at your local shelter or rescue group

Many hands make light work. The more volunteers your local shelter has, helping with feeding and caring for caged pets, the calmer and more comfortable those animals will be. And, that could help them get adopted out even faster.

Shelter work is a labor of love for many animal advocates. The fact is, there may never be enough staff, funding, or resources to take care of all our stray animals. Volunteers make all the difference. To shelter pets, that’s a difference between life and death.

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