The Happiest Dog (EVER) On 3 Paws Gets Rescued. YAY!

A happy puppy gets me every single time! Watch this delightful rescue of two dogs, where one pup kinda steals the show. This white puppy, who only has three paws, was so incredibly happy to see his rescuers. It’s like he knew what was about to happen! Smart dog!

His friend, a Chihuahua mix, later named Sarah, was reluctant at first but she too began to realize that the people there were going to make her life so much better. Sarah and the white pup, later named Eugene, get the rescue they certainly deserved.

Howl of a Dog is an amazing rescue group! Watching their videos is like watching the impossible become possible. They are saving deserving animals that would otherwise perish. Living on the streets isn’t good enough for anyone! Let alone these precious pups.

Here’s to them and the amazing work they do! Thank you, rescuers!

Video courtesy of the World Animal Awareness Society.

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