‘Hugging Dogs’ That Are Best Friends For Life Get A Baby Brother!

When photos and videos of Envy and Zain surfaced, the public went wild! And rightfully so! This best friend, hugging duo was just too sweet not to fall in love with. As a dog lover, what’s better than a dog that is uber-lovable? TWO DOGS that are!

And now, this duo just added a third! A little brother named Trek. He’s unbelievably cute with the most gorgeous eyes. Trek is elated that he was adopted into a loving family! And… he wants to be just like his big brothers!

Envy and Zain were adopted separately but they immediately formed a life-long bond, that was evident to everyone around them. Now, they have a new pup to add to the fold. Do you think they will welcome Trek with open paws?

Their human, knowing Border Collies are extremely smart, has had a ball training them to do fun tricks. And now Trek wants to get in on it too. What talent! I think this trio will be best buds forever!

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See their adorable video here! I love these pups!

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