Entomologist Warns That There Could Be Twice As Many Stink Bugs This Year

Oh, 2020, you stinker of a year. If a global pandemic, social unrest, wildfires, and overall awfulness isn’t enough this year, get ready for the invasion of stink bugs. According to Penn Live, now that we’re transitioning into the autumn months, we can expect to see a whole host of the brown marmorated stink bugs coming into our homes. As entomologists explain, just like people, these bugs tend to spend their time indoors when the temperatures start to drop.

And as the study released by Penn State Extension entomologist Greg Krawczyk conluded, it’s looking like the 2020 stink bug season is going to be particularly “robust.” The year’s mild winter coupled with a hotter-than-average summer has resulted in two new generations of stink bugs being spawned instead of just one. The monitoring traps for these stink bug insects that were put in commercial orchards have yielded a very high increase in the insects.

While they’re pretty introverted, these bugs are hardly noticeable during summertime, seeing as they keep to themselves. However, around late September, when the temperatures begin to get colder, these bugs then want to find warmth so they head indoors to peoples’ homes.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The brown marmorated stink bug originated in East Asia, but they have been a species present in the US since the 1990s. At the present day, they are found across 43 states. But it’s predicted that the stink bug invasion will be at its worst around the Mid-Atlantic region.

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The only nice thing about seeing a whole host of these insects in your home is the reassurance that they’re not harmful. They won’t bite, they’re not aggressive, and they don’t pose any threat to humans. The only thing that is “bad” about them is their smell, but they only release that when they feel threatened, or if you squish them. Rather than crushing them under your foot, it’s suggested that you trap them in trays of soapy water (so they don’t smell) or vacuum them up. These bugs sure picked quite the year for a home invasion! What do you think about the predicted stink bug infestation? Let us know!

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