English Mastiff Refuses To Come Inside Until Snow Is Cleared From The Door In Hilarious Video

Mastiffs are known as gentle giants who generally want to please their humans, but they can also be stubborn.

Meet Joe, a 205-pound English Mastiff, who is going viral for refusing to step over 3 inches of snow to get back into the house.

The hilarious incident took place on a snowy day in January. Chris, Joe’s dad, captured the moment and shared it on TikTok for all to enjoy.

Screenshot: TikTok/Cast_Iron_Chris

The video begins with Joe out in the snow and his parents calling him to come inside. The big boy heads toward the open door but then stops as if there is something in his way.

That something is a few inches of snow.

Screenshot: TikTok/Cast_Iron_Chris

Joe approaches a couple of times as his parents continue to encourage him to come indoors but retreats every time. The big fella decides enough is enough and refuses to move.

Screenshot: TikTok/Cast_Iron_Chris

He looks at his dad as if saying “are you going to do something about that snow or what?”

His parents can’t help but giggle at his antics. Chris gives in and grabs the shovel to clear the snow from the door.

Screenshot: TikTok/Cast_Iron_Chris

As soon as the snow “mountain” is out of the way Joe walks into the house without hesitation.

Screenshot: TikTok/Cast_Iron_Chris

Some call the large dog stubborn while others say he was being courteous and not trying to bring snow in the house. No matter what the reason, Joe has made the day of millions of people.

Screenshot: TikTok/Cast_Iron_Chris

Fans wanted more of Joe so Chris posted a video of the big lug doing one of his favorite things – sucking on his blankie. But he’s not the only adorable pup in the house. He has a canine sister named Lucy who loves attention as well.

Watch the one-minute viral video below of Joe and don’t forget to share with friends and family!

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