Energetic Former Sled Dog Bored in Shelter Gets Some Excitement, Thanks to You

An energetic former sled dog going stir crazy in a shelter got some new life and a shy shelter cat found a forever home. The best part? It’s thanks to your dedicated clicking at the Animal Rescue Site and purchases from the Animal Rescue Site store.

We recently donated just over $5,300 in pet supplies to the Humane Society of Barron County in Wisconsin. So far, at least 75 cats and dogs have already been given toys for enrichment and mental stimulation, cat castles for sleeping and relaxation, beds and blankets to keep them off the cold concrete, and collars and leashes for refreshing walks.

Among those helped was Safety. When he hit the age of 7, his former owner left him at the shelter because he wasn’t fit enough to continue being a working sled dog.


The shelter says, “Despite his age, like many working dogs Safety was used to staying busy and running a LOT. Staff had been working hard to keep Safety mentally stimulated and comfortable during his stay, however at times it was difficult to keep up with his needs.”

Thanks to the donations, a new bed provided him a bit comfort, and new toys helped keep him active and stimulated while he waits for his new home.

Also helped by the donation was Allan, the shy ginger cat. Though he wasn’t averse to interacting with other cats in the adult colony room, he preferred his own space. The donation helped him find a perfect spot.


The shelter says, “After receiving the cat Kuranda beds and placing one in front of a window, Allan found his happy place. He instantly climbed up on the bed and cozied up in the warm sunshine.”

This also put him front-and-center when his new family came in. They saw him prominently featured on his perch and decided right then that he was the cat for them.

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The Humane Society of Barron County says this donation has been so important to all of the animals in their care. They’re keeping active physically and mentally, able to engage in more natural behaviors, and have comfy places to rest. Your clicks and purchases at the Animal Rescue Site lead to stories like this, with proceeds from every sale benefitting animals like Safety and Allan. Thanks for being a light to shelter pets!

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