Empty The Shelters

Approaching footsteps and soft voices alert the dogs and cats in their kennels to the potential adopter. Their eyes widen and their tails start to wag, as they are hopeful that today will be the day they find a loving forever home. However, thousands of animals are still patiently waiting for a home of their own.

One foundation is hoping to help shelter pets get adopted by hosting a free adoption event in 14 states and one in Canada. The goal is to have all the pets adopted from over 100 shelter, leaving the shelters empty and ready to take in more animals in need.


The Bissell Pet Foundation is hosting National Empty The Shelters, which covers the adoption fee of pets for one day. Adopters will still pay for a pet license and must check with their local shelters for their specific adoption requirements. On Saturday, October 6, 2018 thousands of shelter pets will find their forever homes. This event has already saved the lives of over 13,000 pets. Last year, 3,135 pets were adopted in one day!

Photos: Facebook/BISSELL Pet Foundation
Photos: Facebook/BISSELL Pet Foundation

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The event works in conjunction with participating local shelters. “All potential adopters are screened by qualified adoption counselors at every participating shelter to ensure each pet is matched with the right family,” as stated on their website.

Photos: Facebook/BISSELL Pet Foundation
Photos: Facebook/BISSELL Pet Foundation

Wether you are looking for a running partner or a cuddle buddy, you are guaranteed to find a loving companion at your local shelter. Dogs in all shapes and sizes will be available, so you can find the perfect partner. Cats of all colors are sure to bat and purr their way into your heart.

The foundation was started by Cathy Bissell who was changed forever when she adopted a six-year-old dog named Bear. “His family gave him up because they got a new puppy and didn’t have time for him. Bear was a gorgeous, regal and gentle dog who fit in beautifully with her family, including her other dogs and a cat.” Since she cannot adopt all the dogs and cat in shelters, she started Bissell Pet Foundation. Her biggest regret was not adopting sooner.

Photos: Facebook/BISSELL Pet Foundation
Photos: Facebook/BISSELL Pet Foundation

Adoption events are just one way the foundation helps shelter pets. They also provides financial assistance to shelters to cover spay and neuter procedures, microchipping and foster care. Until every pet has a home, the foundation will continue their live-saving efforts.

If you are ready to adopt, then be sure to visit the website that lists all the participating shelters in this weekend’s Empty The Shelter event. Adopting a shelter pet will change your life and save the life of your new best friend.

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