We’ve Seen Tons Of Videos Of Soldiers Coming Home But NOTHING Compares To This One!!! WOW!

Emma isn’t special in her eyes. She’s just an ordinary dog that loves to see her humans. After her dad left for a long deployment overseas, she waited for him just as any dog would. And when he finally walks through the door, she rushes to him in her own way. According to her mom, Emma has had several wheelchairs but she doesn’t like them. She’s also tried other methods to get around but this is what she prefers and is 100% okay with it. She’s under a vet’s care, of course, and her mom volunteers for SNARR Animal Rescue which focuses on dogs with special needs. They all assure us that Emma is doing great and is happy and healthy in her own special way!

Her dad was afraid that Emma wouldn’t remember him because he left when she was a pup but it sure looks like she knows exactly who he is. Welcome home, Airman and thank you for serving!

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