Calico Kitten Pleads With Firefighters For Shelter From Winter Storm

The Steinbach Fire Department in Manitoba isn’t exactly a tourist attraction, especially not on cold Canadian nights when the mercury dips 20 below or more.

Still, that didn’t stop a furry little friend from inquiring.

“I was walking and noticed her at the window. A member of the department went outside, and she came right to them,” Fire Chief Kelvin Toews told Love Meow.

Source: YouTube/Love Meow
The cat showed up on a cold Canadian evening.

A Calico kitten was struggling to find warmth in the brutal cold. Perhaps she knew what she was doing when she arrived at the fire department and asked for help. The part-time firefighters are not always around, but they happened to be that night.

“Steinbach does not have a full time fire department so the station is not continuously staffed,” Toews said. “Unfortunately the station can go days without someone being there.”

Thankfully, it was not one of those days, and before long, the cat was wrapped in warm blankets and enjoying the company of her new friends.

Source: YouTube/Love Meow
The firefighters named her Ember.

Toews has four cats at home already, Love Meow reports, and offered to take the new visitor home with him. She was suffering from a little frostbite on her ears, but otherwise in good health.

The firefighters named her “Ember.”

“I posted on Facebook to see if someone would claim her. When no one did we took her to the vet, had her vaccinated and took care of ear mites,” Toews said.

As the firefighters are only working part-time, Ember wouldn’t be able to stay on as an official fire cat. Still, the SFD knew Ember needed a loving home.

Source: YouTube/Love Meow
Ember has already found a new forever home after firefighters posted a notice on Facebook.

“We brought her to a friend who does fostering, so she could have more human contact and the run of a house,” Toews told Love Meow.

There, she was cleaned up for adoption, which was arranged a few days later.

“We posted on Facebook that she was available for adoption, and it looks like we may have found her a loving home,” Toews said.

See more of Ember in the video below!

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