Sneezing Shelter Cat Longs For A Family That Will Love Him The Way He Is

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All cats deserve a loving home, especially ones with health conditions. The unconditional love they provide is worth any additional care they may need.

Cats Protection, the largest U.K. rehoming center for cats, has been trying to find a home for a loving nine-year-old male tabby cat, but he is constantly being passed by.

Photo: Cats Protection

Elliott arrived at Cats Protection two months ago. Like other cats, he loves to play with toys and curl up on your lap, but he is special because he is “snuffly”. He was diagnosed with chronic rhinitis, which causes him to have sneezing fits. Tania Marsh, the centre’s deputy manager, told The Argus, “Elliott is definitely very snuffly and his condition means he has some damage to the bones in his nose. But, this doesn’t bother him and he is a happy, affectionate chap.”

“If I could spend all day on your lap, I would! I also like to put my paws around your neck and have a proper cuddle,” wrote the staff about the loving boy.

Photos: Cats Protection

The adorable cat wants nothing more than to be with his person. A perfect home for Elliott would be one where he is the only cat and preferably with a family that spends some time at home during the day. If possible, he would “love a garden to explore and sunbathe in this summer.”

Photo: Cats Protection

Marsh said, “We think his condition has put off some people from adopting him, which is a shame as would make a lovely pet. We’re looking for a patient owner who can give Elliott the loving home he desperately needs.”

If you are interested in this handsome tabby, you can contact Cats Protections for more information. Elliott deserves a forever home that loves him just the way he is. Remember to adopt not shop!

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