Elephants Smash Giant Pumpkins To Celebrate The Arrival Of Autumn

We all have our hobbies. Even animals seem to have different activities that they enjoy.

Of course, you won’t ever see an animal taking up an activity like crocheting or something, but they still have their own little hobbies that they enjoy to partake in. And if it’s an activity that involves food it’s all the better for them.

In the spirit of fall, the elephants of the Oregon Zoo get to engage in a special autumn activity: smashing pumpkins!

Photo: YouTube / Oregon Zoo

The large animals absolutely love the special treat that are pumpkins. And to be fair, who doesn’t love pumpkin? It’s the perfect food for autumn.

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And for these gentle giant pachyderms, their elephant version of the pumpkin spice latte is getting to just eat the pumpkins as is…after smashing the bejeezus out of them of course!

The zoo shared a video of the elephants as they got to engage in their favorite autumn activity. The elephants were gifted 1,200 pounds of pumpkins to smash to their heart’s content – and did they ever! The video shows them going absolute ham on the orange gourds which they then got to snack on.

Watch the video below:

They are clearly having the time of their lives. How cute are these elephants?

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