Elephants At San Diego Zoo Have A Blast Playing In Massive Puddles Caused By Torrential Rainfall

There is something so freeing about playing and singing in the rain, and elephants at the San Diego Zoo agree.

San Diego has recently been hammered by heavy rainstorms which have caused massive flooding. The elephants at the zoo are making the best of the situation by playing in the rain.

A 12-year-old male African elephant named Nipho was captured splashing in puddles and making happy trumpet sounds as the rain continued to fall. It is clear that he is having the best day. The video was posted on the zoo’s TikTok page with the caption, “A gray, rainy day is Nipho’s favorite time to play.” It has made the day of tens of thousands of viewers.

@_clarke_family commented, “I don’t think the San Diego elephants have ever been happier they love the flood rains.”

Check it out below.

@sandiegozoo A gray, rainy day is Nipho’s favorite time to play #elephant #funnyanimals #rain #sandiegozoo ♬ It’s Time – Foliage

Nipho and his half-brother Sundzu (not pictured in the video) are not the only ones enjoying the rain. The zoo shared another video of a baby elephant and its mother rolling in the mud caused by the torrential rain. The staff wrote, “Elefun in the rain.” Watch how much fun they are having in the video below.

@sandiegozoo Elefun in the rain #sandiegorain #elephants #spaday #selfcare #rain #sdzsafaripark ♬ love song (hesitations) (sped up) – Lofuu & Shiloh Dynasty & dprk

The zoo is home to several endangered species, like the African elephants who reside at the Elephant Odyssey. Visitors can watch the large mammals eat, play, and partake in wellness routines. Learn more on the zoo’s website.

Elephants are amazing animals, and these videos are sure to make the day of any animal lover. Don’t forget to share them with friends and family.

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