Elephant Friend Swiftly Rescued Her Caregiver During an Attack

It’s nice to have a friend that you can rely on, especially in difficult situations. Being surrounded by your loved ones can truly make you feel safe and free of worries. People can connect with each other through the ability to empathize, which helps a human understand more of the person’s situation and act according to it.

Photo: Pixabay/Anemone123

Amazingly, some animals are also capable of having such skills. For instance, elephants can certainly determine emotions, primarily if a herd member is in pain or distress. The internet has various proofs of why the trunked animal is one of the most empathic species on the planet.

Photo: Youtube/ViralHog

A lovely lady elephant named Thongsri lives in a sanctuary in Chiang Mai, and she cherishes her caregiver so much. The well-built friendship became more evident after a video was shared on the internet. Thongsri expressed her love for the caregiver by being a reliable friend who swiftly took action during an attack.

At the start of the video, a man pretended to attack the caregiver, who was simply walking by. Seconds after, Thongsri was on her feet — running as fast as she could towards her friend. The pretend attacker saw the running Thongsri, so he immediately left the area.

Photo: Youtube/ViralHog

It didn’t take a minute for Thongsri to save her caregiver — it was just a matter of seconds. She even stayed for a while until she ensured the human was a hundred percent alright. Thongsri observed the caregiver — circling around him while using her trunk to gently check his body.

Photo: Youtube/ViralHog

Although it was a mock event, she is still a hero and a caring friend. The 17-year-old elephant was ready to fight and rescue without hesitation. What’s more incredible is that the caregiver is a human. Elephants usually help each other out in their herd, but for her to save a human made her actions even more awe-inspiring.

People in the Youtube video’s comment section were amazed by the elephant’s behavior. Everyone was touched during the part when Thongsri bent down on her knees to ensure her caregiver was okay. Viewers learned a valuable lesson about friendships and empathy from an elephant. And it will serve as a reminder that animals can care for humans and deserve the same treatment.

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