Elephant Asks The Caretaker To Sing A Lullaby To Her Distressed Baby

Humans aren’t the only species on the planet that can display a great deal of empathy. In fact, elephants are some of the most empathetic animals in the world. And there is video evidence to show just how in-touch with others’ emotions they are. When one elephant’s calf was upset, the only thing she could think of to soothe her baby was to bring in reinforcements. This clever mama elephant brought in the zookeeper to sing a lullaby to her baby.

The adorable moment was filmed in the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand. In it, you can see the elephant gently pushing tourists aside so she can get to her caretaker. Then, she guides the caretaker over to her elephant calf who’s having a little tantrum.

The Elephant Nature Park is a rehabilitation center that rescues elephants in need and gives them a second chance in life. At the park, Lek Chailert, a caretaker, had a very special bond with the elephant, Faa Mai. Lek had looked after Faa ever since she was a young elephant herself. So it makes perfect sense that when Faa became a mother herself, she’d turn to Lek for help when she was unable to soothe her own little calf. After Faa managed to bring Lek over to her sad calf, it was the caretaker that knew a lullaby would help the calf who was called Thong Ae.

The video caption detailed that Faa Mai isn’t technically Thong Ae’s mother, but she had adopted the little elephant as her own. Lek shared in the post that Faa’s intention was quite sweet. As she stated, “Faa Mai wanted me to lullaby her little friend, as she is so fond when I sing a lullaby to her. It is so beautiful to see my little girl who has such a heart of care. I am so proud of this girl!”

While this might seem like the sweetest thing ever, Faa has a track record of being a mama elephant figure to other elephants. As Bored Panda shared, she’s previously taken another young elephant under her wing. This is the perfect example of why elephants are such amazing creatures – their empathy is quite inspiring.

Watch the video below:

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