This Baby Monkey Is A Miracle Survivor!

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*Disclaimer: While the images of this survivor are somewhat graphic, we believe her story is one we had to share!

This baby monkey is truly a miracle. Her rescuers named her Lucky for a good reason 🙂 She survived a horrific but accidental brush with death when she tried to climb a pole. She was electrocuted but survived! And boy, am I glad that she did! What a sweetie! She made a full recovery. Isn’t that awesome?

10 Interesting Monkey Facts:

1. A group of monkeys is called a troop.

2. Monkeys can grasp things with both their hands and their feet.

3. Monkeys are omnivores like humans.

4. Howler monkeys are the loudest of all the monkeys and their howls can be heard up to two miles away.

5. There are 264 known species of monkeys in the world.

6. The smallest monkeys are about 6 inches long and weigh four ounces! The largest monkeys are approximately 3 feet long and weigh 77 pounds!

7. Grooming is part of a monkey’s socialization and they can spend HOURS a day grooming each other.

8. Monkey species are divided up into two groups: Old World monkeys or New World monkeys

9. Some monkeys see in full color while others can only distinguish things in black and white

10. Monkeys are prone to the same diseases we suffer from but will never get the common cold

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