Seasoned Rescuer Is Horrified To Find Dog Tied Up With Electrical Cord In 100 Degree Weather

Tia Torres has, sadly, seen it all. Or so she thought. Then she came across this poor dog and her whole world changed forever!

Torres, the star of Pit Bulls And Parolees on Animal Planet, is my hero. She rescues dogs and gives them a second chance. She does the same for people too. Many of the dogs are abandoned or in situations that no one will go near. But Torres doesn’t care. She does whatever she has to do to bring the dogs safely to her sanctuary.

At her rescue center, called Villalobos, the dogs that would have nowhere to go and would likely be put down can live out their days being well cared for, many finding forever homes after working on some manners and socialization. Her staff consists of her own family as well as a group of parolees. Torres doesn’t just give second chances to dogs…

You can imagine that she has seen her fair share. But when Torres comes across this dog in 100 degree weather, crying for help, she was in shock. The dog had been tethered with an electrical cord. He was severely underweight and suffering.


But Torres, with her amazing team, did what they do best, they give this deserving dog the BEST second chance possible. He is now safe, being cared for lovingly, where he will never have to suffer again.

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