Man Gets Fined $1000 For Killing Seagull With His Walking Stick

Seagulls. I’ve heard them described as rats with wings. And if you live in UK or Ireland, you definitely get that. Seagulls in this part of the world are vicious little bullies who will snatch food right out from under you. I’ve seen a seagull once swoop in and steal a Subway sandwich right out from someone’s hand as they were about to take a bite.

Of course, this kind of annoying behavior is very common amongst seagulls. While it’s bothersome, it’s still no need to take your rage out on the birds.

However, in the north of Wales, there was an incident that left a seagull dead and one 68-year-old man facing conviction. According to the Daily Mail, John Nicholson from Gronant, which is close to Prestatyn, was filmed on surveillance beating a seagull to death with his cane. The beating occurred on Market Street after Nicholson visited the bakery chain, Gregg’s.

In the video, the old man is approaching a flock of seagulls who’ve congregated on the sidewalk. As he gets closer, he draws his cane and hits one of the birds with it.

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He then continues to strike the bird before finally putting his white paper bag in his pocket and making his way to the Lorne Hotel.

But the savage beating didn’t go unpunished. Nicholson was eventually arrested, thanks to the Wildlife Countryside Act Protection of Birds law. As a result, he was later fined £1,000 – which is about $1,330 USD – and convicted in court. In addition to being in trouble for the death blows he dealt the seagull, Nicholson was also convicted of disorderly behavior after displaying irate behavior towards the police at Llandudno Magistrates’ Court.

According to the Daily Mail, a North Wales Police spokesperson commented that they responded to the report of an old man beating a bird to death with his cane. After they arrived, they placed him in custody. The incident prompted an RSPCA Cymru spokesperson to comment, “These allegations are very shocking and extremely serious. This matter is being investigated by North Wales Police and we are unable to comment further for legal reasons.”

While seagulls can definitely be annoying – particularly when they want your food – there is still no good excuse to be so cruel. All animals, regardless of whether or not they try stealing your pastries, deserve the same respect as the rest of us.

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