Elderly Dog With Cancer Rescued After Being Left In A Parking Lot

Most of us dog owners love our pets. We couldn’t imagine life without them, and most of us would move heaven and Earth in order to make sure that our pets are well cared for and healthy.

Most of us probably can’t imagine chucking our dogs to the curb if they ever became sick. Unfortunately, not all dog owners have the true compassion it takes to care for a living being.

It’s a sad realization that there are fair-weathered owners out there who will get rid of their pets without a second thought whenever they stop being fun and become a supposed burden.

Photo: Pixabay/Anrita1705

Sadly for one 12-year-old dog, Theo, he had one such owner. The senior dog had developed an aggressive form of cancer, and rather than surrender him to a proper facility, his owners callously dumped him in a Walmart parking lot in Joliet, Illinois, with only weeks to live.

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Clearly, these people didn’t want to put the effort into caring for their terminally ill dog, and that is just sad.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Chicago

Fortunately, Theo was soon rescued and then quickly adopted by Jenny and Scott in Crystal Lake.

The couple definitely didn’t spare a second thought to anything except making sure that Theo’s final days would be full of love and happiness.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Chicago

The couple made sure that the dog got to experience all sorts of fun doggie activities such as eating a hamburger at a drive-thru, swimming in a pool, chowing down an ice cream cone, as well as other activities.

Watch the video clip below:

Glad that Theo got the happily ever after he deserves!

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