30 Neglected Dogs Crammed Into Feces-Filled Bedroom Finally Get A Happy Ending

One brutally hot summer day, 30 dogs were found crammed into a filthy, overcrowded one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, New York.

The New York Police Department had reached out to the ASPCA regarding a concern about animals that were being locked up inside a house.

Photo: YouTube/ASPCA

ASPCA staff immediately went to the home to check out the situation. When they arrived, all of the dogs were extremely fearful and in horrible shape.

All of the dogs were severely matted and soaked in their own feces and urine. They had no food or water, and wouldn’t have survived much longer if they weren’t rescued.

Photo: YouTube/ASPCA

Thankfully, all of the dogs were confiscated from the apartment and brought to safety. After they were medically examined and treated for their ailments, they were adopted by loving families.

Two of those dogs, Elby and Wyoming, both found their perfect families.

When Wyoming’s family heard about her story, they knew they wanted to adopt her. They made it their mission to spoil her and help her forget everything bad that happened to her in her past.

Photo: YouTube/ASPCA

And that’s exactly what they did. Today, Wyoming couldn’t be happier. She loves running like the wind outside, and cuddling home at home with her family.

She has even changed her new mom’s life for the better. Her mom, Margot, used to sit at home alone while her children were at school and husband was at work, but now she leads a much more active life thanks to Wyoming.

Photo: YouTube/ASPCA

Elby has a similar adoption story. After just three days in his new home, he was already so much happier. His owner, Sara, said he looked so content just walking in the sunshine.

Before getting Elby, Sara had been talking to her doctors and was thinking about getting an emotional support animal. She was also very lonely, just like Margot was, but Elby has helped change that for the better.

Hear more of Elby and Wyoming’s story in the video below:

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