Stray Dog With Broken Leg Ran 30 Blocks Before Being Captured

Good Samaritans found a dog that had just been hit by a car and immediately called for help. They reached out to Hope For Paws, a local animal rescue in California. The dog was in pain and in need of immediate medical attention, however it would be a challenge to catch him.

Loreta and Eldad from Hope For Paws arrived at the scene and immediately tried to set up a gate to block in the injured dog. However, the dog was leery of the strangers and ran off on three legs. Loreta chased after the dog trying to make him pause by offering him a hamburger.

Screen Shots: YouTube/Hope For Paws

She tore pieces off and tossed them to him, slowly working her way closer to him. She was finally able to pet him on the head and was making great progress. Suddenly a noise on the street startled the dog and he took off running again.

His front left leg was badly broken, but the dog was terrified and continued to run. The rescuers chased after him for 30 blocks, but even with a broken leg he was faster. The dog disappeared but was relocated under a parked car. Once again, Loreta approached with the hamburger. He slowly came out from under the car to eat.

Screen Shots: YouTube/Hope For Paws

Loreta was able to get a leash around his neck and named him Echo. He was finally safe and brought to a vet. Sadly, the leg was crushed and the only option was to amputate it.

Echo is now healed and ready to find his forever home. He gets around just fine with three legs and still loves to run. If you are interested in adopting Echo, contact Lovejoy Foundation.

Watch the amazing rescue in the video below.

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