Here Are 10 Ways To Show Your Earth Day Pride! I Love Number Four!

Earth Day is coming up and we are having a huge sale on all of our favorite products! Just in time for Earth Day, here are 10 easy ways to show your Earth Day pride!

10. Give The Birds A Home!

Give birds a natural nesting option with this roosting pocket woven from reed grass. This stylish bird house provides refuge from harsh conditions and predators, as well as natural ventilation and drainage. The birds will love it! Get yours here.

Earth Day 59340

9. Don’t Forget About The Squirrels!

Often thought of as a pest around your bird feeders, squirrels are actually pretty awesome! Give them their own feast with this great feeder and it will help to decrease their interest in your bird feeders. These smart little guys will learn to open the roof of this feeder, which is made from sustainably-grown wood, in order to get the nuts or seeds inside! Get your own squirrel feeder here.

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8. Plant Trees To Help Squirrels!

7. Plant Some Flowers!

Show your Earth Day spirit by adding to its incredible beauty! Plant some beautiful flowers in this attractive hanging garden basket! Proudly display your passion for animals as well as your love of our wonderful earth with the awesome paws galore design of the basket, complete with durable nylon and a no-fuss drainage system. Start planting your flowers now by getting your own hanging basket!

Earth Day 51758

6. Add A Natural Glow To Your Garden

Harvest the incredible power of the earth with this super adorable solar-powered light, perfect for any garden or lawn! Whether you are a dog or cat lover, we have you covered with two cute options to spruce up your space. These attractive lawn ornaments provide up to 8 hours of gentle light, all generated from the incredible power of the Earth’s sun!

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5. Help Provide Solar Energy

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