Severely Mistreated Foxes Rescued From Fur Farm Need Your Help To Recover

Every year, an estimated 100 million animals are bred and killed for their fur, including foxes. They live in squalor in cramped cages and are neglected all the way up to their death.

They never experience a kind touch and associate people with pain.

When Home of Rescued Animals heard about a fox fur farm closing down in Romania they raised funds to save the remaining animals. Over a dozen black and brown foxes were rescued but arrived in horrible condition.

Photo: Home of Rescued Animals

The rescue shared with us, “After they were brought to us, we found that they were suffering from general exhaustion and terrible cannibalism. At the fur farms, they were fed with carcasses of animals that had already been furred. Fighting these problems took a lot of time, effort, and money, as the foxes initially tried to injure each other.”

Eventually, the rescued foxes adapted to regular meals of nutritious food and stopped fighting and injuring one another. They were neutered and vaccinated and started on treatment for parasites.

Photo: Home of Rescued Animals

They still have a long road to recovery and need your support. The dedicated staff and volunteers are committed to giving these foxes a second chance at life.

The shelter reached out to Greater Good Charities’ Emergency Animal Medical fund for help with their ongoing care. The foxes are just a few of dozens of animals that the shelter cares for. With your continued support, the fund can provide grants to cover medical treatment for the innocent foxes and help them heal.

Photo: Home of Rescued Animals

Home of Rescued Animals, also called Domivka Shelter, is a sanctuary in Lviv, Ukraine, for wild and livestock animals. The animals are rescued from terrible situations and provided a safe place to live out their lives. Since the war, they have also taken in dogs, cats, and any other animal in need.

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They are in need of veterinary supplies to continue to care for animals as well as heaters to keep them warm this winter. Join us in helping animals in Ukraine by donating below.

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