Malnourished Dog Covered In Mange Transforms Into Playful Pup Thanks To Your Support

It’s amazing what proper care, food, and love can do for a neglected dog. Do you remember Edgardo?

The poor dog was found covered in mange and severely malnourished at a gas station in Mexico. He tested positive for Ehrlichia, heartworm, and ringworm and several other health issues.

Photo: Riviera Rescue

Thanks to your generous donations, he received all the medical care he needed at Riviera Rescue and has transformed into a happy and healthy dog.

It has taken months of intensive care, but he is now free of all parasites and all his fur has grown back. You won’t even believe it is the same dog.

Photo: Riviera Rescue

“He is full of energy and playful as a young pup,” shared his caretakers.

Edgardo has captured the hearts of a Canadian couple who visited the shelter during their vacation. It was love at first sight and they decided to adopt him. He is thrilled to finally have found his people.

The shelter told us that the couple will fly with Edgardo back to Canada.

He is living his best life and has you to thank. We also want to thank you for continuing to help animals in need by donating to Greater Good Charities’ Emergency Animal Medical fund.

Every day sick and injured animals arrive at shelters in need of medical care, which many shelters are unable to afford. The fund was created to give these animals the care they need and give them the second chance to find a loving home.

Photo: Riviera Rescue

Edgardo is just one of countless animals that have found their happily ever after thanks to your support. Together, we are changing the lives of animals near and far.

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