22 Absolutely Adorable Before And After Photos Of Baby Animals Growing Up

7. While deployed in Afghanistan, this soldier found Donny. Five months later, they remain the best of friends.

Photo: Daily Mail UK

8. “And they thought I’d grow out of this—dream on!” Six months later, this orange kitty still wants to sleep in the sink.

Photo: Reddit

9. Over a span of 10 years, this boy and his dog have aged together—and it looks like mom & dad upgraded the bookshelf too.

Photo: Reddit

10. Throughout one year, this pup continued to grow, never getting too big for his favorite sleeping spot!

Photo: Imgur

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11. It looks like these two goofballs switched poses for their after photo, taken 21 years later!

Photo: Imgur

12. Giant pet turtles can live way longer than cats and dogs—we can’t wait until the next photo of this pair comes out in 17 years.

Photo: Reddit

13. 7 months later this gorgeous pup decided to open his eyes for his glamour shot.

Photo: Imgur

14. So barking cute!!!

Photo: Imgur

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