Dynamic Duo Spends Free Time Helping Animals in Danger

When someone reports an instance of animal cruelty, humane societies and law enforcement answer the call. However, humane officers are busy people and may not get to look at the case during the week. According to the Republican Herald, two women from Pottsville, Pennsylvania, couldn't stand the idea of adding reports to their backlog. So, Sue Schafer and Janine Choplick of the Hillside Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (collectively known as the Dynamic Duo) decided to spend their weekends off investigating.

The women have been working together for two years now. Choplick is paid by the Hillside SPCA and Schafer is a volunteer. Both had to go through an intensive training program to become humane officers. Now, they can investigate claims of animal cruelty. Fortunately, not all the reports end up being accurate, and many pets are actually fine. In other cases, owners are given a warning. Only in extreme circumstances do officers have to seize and remove the pets. 

Depending on the case, each home visit could take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. The women don't miss their free weekends, feeling that they're making a difference by donating their efforts. 

"They trust us to do the right thing for them," Choplick told the source of the animals she encounters. 

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