Cat With Rare Form Of Dwarfism Will Look Like A Kitten Forever

I’d like to introduce you to a seven-month-old cat named Munchie. Back in September 2019, the little kitten was found abandoned and was taken to the Wolverhampton Veterinary Practice. That was when he met Emily Tomlinson, the woman that would eventually become his mother. She works at the facility and it wasn’t long before the two of them were family.

She captioned the video below: “Trying to get some housework done this morning so I’ve left Munchie to entertain himself.”

It is thought that Munchie may have been three or four weeks old when he was abandoned due to a condition that left him with cloudy eyes. Although many people may feel as if it affected his eyesight, it didn’t have an impact on his vision.

In the months after Emily adopted Munchie, she realized that he had an unusual condition that was not known at first. It was a rare type of dwarfism, meaning that he will stay the size of a kitten forever.

29-year-old Emily talked about this on Instagram, writing, “Blood results came back and It looks like I’m a hypoparathyroidism kitten, this condition is so rare!”

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Munchie had collapsed after not feeling well on Boxing Day, leading to the discovery of the condition. After being tested, they found that he had a calcium level of 0.52. The normal range is 1.9.

Emily only knows of one other cat that has the same condition but that feline does not live in the UK. Not much is known about the condition, but Munchie is being well taken care of and should lead a full life.

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