Puppies Dumped In Parking Lot Just Want A Place To Call Home

Dogs around the world are abandoned and left to fend for themselves, and many don’t make it. Thankfully, for a pair of puppies dumped in a parking lot in Ukraine, help was right around the corner.

Ukraine has a large problem with stray dogs and people abandoning dogs and puppies on the streets and in the woods. One woman decided she’d seen enough suffering and created Love Furry Friends rescue.

She said, “Its very cold in winter time and there are a lot of suffering dogs! I rescue abandoned, homeless and abused dogs from the streets and find them suitable loving forever homes!”

Photo: Max Pixel

When the rescue got a call about two puppies left in the yard of a large building, they were quick to respond. The woman found the dogs in the building’s parking lot – two female puppies, eager for attention and love.

“In our country, females are thrown out more because people are simply not ready to to spend money for spaying them,” she explained in the rescue video.

Dogs on street
Photo: YouTube/Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

She assumes that whoever dumped the puppies thought they’d find a home with so many people around, but that wasn’t the case. Many people stopped to pet the puppies and some offered them food, but no one was willing to open their door for the little pups.

Thankfully, Love Furry Friends rescue safely got the puppies away from the street and into the comfort of a shelter. They were around 4 months old and in good health, and it wasn’t long before the first pup was adopted!

Love Furry Friends dog rescue
Photo: YouTube/Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

The second puppy is still waiting on her forever home, but she’s making friends with other rescue dogs while she waits. It’s nice to know they both made it off the streets and into a safe, loving environment!

Watch the rescue video below:

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