Animal Loving Redditors Post Their Most Head-Scratching Moments

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4. Still Fits, Still Sits

Puppies are cute, but they tend to become full-grown dogs after a while. Some more than others, and that can be problematic when your dog doesn’t understand what it means to grow up.

“I used to have a Newfoundland that was convinced he could curl up on people’s laps because the cats could,” posted Redditor ninjette847. “It’s entertaining to watch a 160 pound dog trying to fit on your lap.”

Redditors with Boxers, Bull Mastiffs, Shepherds, Huskies, and other large dogs were quick to chime in with their similar tales of lap-crushing love. One even involved chewing on feet.

3. House and Home

Dogs love to chew things. That’s a fact. They make wonderful pets but sometimes their oral fixations can pose a problem. To Redditor WelahWhale, there may be no stopping a dog once it starts chewing. Ever.

“Our first dog, a huge black lab, once ate a doghouse my dad made for her. He had worked really hard to make it comfortable for her. She ate the wood, the carpet, the little light bulb he had put in there for her, and a concerning amount of nails went missing as well. A good 60% of the doghouse was just GONE. She was miraculously completely fine though, labs seem to be able to eat whatever the hell they want,” WelahWhale posted. “Ironic thing was that he made the doghouse so she wouldn’t be inside and try to eat everything in our actual house all of the time.”

It wasn't me.

It wasn’t me.

If your dog does manage to chew more of your things than its own, follow this link over to our store, where handy solutions like natural antler dog chews will keep those canines occupied.

2. Ball is Life

Some dogs are chewers, others are chasers, a third segment could be argued, does very little at all. Still, Redditor LandofRy’s dog fits in to none of those categories. Maybe its impeccable training, or just a strong spirit of independence, but a dog that plays fetch with itself is quite entertaining on its own.


“My dog takes a tennis ball and drops it and catches it when it bounces back up,” LandofRy posted. “She will do this by herself in the corner for hours, and all I can focus on is the thump. thump. thump. thump.”

While plenty of other Redditors pointed out the value and convenience of such a dog, imploring OP for a video, nononotlikethat put things in perspective.

“Had a dog who used to do this very thing….except replace ‘tennis ball’ with ‘golf ball’ and replace ‘in the corner’ with ‘at the top of a flight of stairs,'” nononotlikethat posted. “All I could focus on was the ba-donk-a-donk-a-donk-a-donk-a-donk-a-donk-a-donk-a-donk-a-donk-a-scurryquicklydownthestairsretrievetheballandracebackupthestairsandroptheballagain…… you get the idea.”

1. Nubbin to See Here

Redditor LlamaForceTrauma (unrelated to previous llama talk) posted a story about an intrepid cat’s mysterious powers.

“I have a three-legged cat that has a weird little clawed nubbin where his front leg should be. For some reason he thinks this nub is an ultimate weapon to vanquish my dogs and will run up to them and wiggle it in their faces,” LlamaForceTrauma wrote. “Needless to say they are not fazed and just lick him off balance until he falls over.”

Unfortunately, the Redditor did not post any video evidence of the nubbin, despite public outcry for such. Even igaveuponausername’s top comment, with 450 points — simply, ” I need to see a video of that” — would go denied by the power nubbin.

After all of these furry frustrations, some animal owners might reach for a cold one. Thanks to advances in modern brewing techniques, you can share one with your dog, too! Follow this link to read more about some hoppy pups.

Matthew Russell is a West Michigan native and world traveler with a background in journalism, graphic design, and French pastry. He likes to learn new things whenever possible, and enjoys bicycling, going to the dog park, folk music and coffee.
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